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    Superb Hosting Design | Pages: Index, Packages, Blank | $50.00!

    Hello WHTers,

    This web design was designed by AKDesigner. I have little use for it as a project did not go ahead, so I'm selling it off at a significant loss.

    The template is coded in HTML + CSS and consists of 3 pages:

    The package also includes a PSD source file.

    This is a madly cheap price for a professionally created web design such as this one but I simply can't be bothered with the hassle of anything less than an easy sale!

    PRICE: $50.00 (or higher bid)
    PAYMENT BY: Moneybookers (strongly preferred), PayPal(is EVIL), IBAN/BACS

    Please PM ME if you are interested.
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    Great design! good luck with your sales!

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