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Thread: My F1 site.

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    My F1 site.

    Hi! I need opinions on my new f1 site, which is located at Open to suggestions and comments. Thx in adv.

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    Looks like a modified versoin of php nuke to me. Its nice and simple...easy to navigate I guess... good work

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    Do you have any suggestions of what I could add to it to make it more attractive? I picked postnuke since it's easy to maintain and do stuff like news, reviews, etc. I'm thinking about starting a contest to draw in users. Anyone?

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    Spacers and a better quality top image would be nice...
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    Yes, your top image needs work. The edges are all frayed, plus the image is not sized correctly on the site. The rest is clean, just work on the header.
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    ur awful header at the top is ruining the otherwise impressive outlook of your index page. don't tell me u cant find a scorchin' schumi pic somewhere on the net?

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    Ok, I have fixed the logo. Is it better. I'm gonna add some more effects but just wanted to know if this angle is ok?

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