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    * qustion about cPanel staff

    I have a question about staff account in cPanel.
    due to security concern, some sections in cPanel should be unaccessible for low level company staff, especially outsourcing staff, such as Change Password fucntion.

    I wonder how do hosting companies deal with this issue?

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    You vet (investigate) your employees so you can trust them with the access they need to do their jobs. If you don't trust them with the password option, what are they doing logging in in the first place.
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    Agreed with bear; but at the same time a level would system would make it a better control panel. However, you should go to and put in a feature request. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    @ wanrenqingkong

    may be in next version of cpanel they might make these kind of options avaliable.

    the latest version is 11.25. let's wait for something else.

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    Thanks all.
    I worked for a webhosting company, which has lvl1,lvl2,lvl.. technical level, different lvl has got different access to their admin panel function developed by themselves. I didn't realize how it is powerful until I use cPanel. Their admin panel has function to cluster hundreds of servers, support staff can search account, modify account and manage email service within seconds just via one url..
    The only flaw is that it's not very stable, for example, after new account is activated, the confirmation email always send out a wrong temp url. and customers always comes to us to ask why the tmp url does not work..
    I thought these guys' programming skill was not good enough, but after using cPanel, I come to realize that their skills are amazing!
    I'm looking to start my own business and come to cPanel, find that it has integrated with as much bunch of functions for webhosting business as they can, but still lacks some professional functions such as level permission and hosting servers cluster ...
    Whatever, I think I would fully trusted support staff then.

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    Yes thats right... you should trust your staff or you should not hire them.

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    Thats it. You have to trust your staff or how can the really help you customers with account issues, etc. Then of course you always got logs too atleast
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    You could use a third party system, such as WHMCS and provide access levels through that. WHMCS allows you to reset cPanel passwords through it's interface.

    You can restrict users in WHM via cPanel. It's under reseller privileges I believe, but the problem I believe with that is that they would not have access to global accounts, or other reseller accounts.

    Really though, you should be able to trust your staff. If you can't what are you doing hiring them? I understand you might have problems with outsourced support, but really you need to pick a company that you can trust with your customers.

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