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Thread: Avoid Hetzner

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    Avoid Hetzner

    I suggest you to never let seduced by their prices, because when
    you have a problem you will sorry for every second with Hetzner.

    So lets get started:

    To be specified:

    We have latest kernel+grsecurity
    We have CSF firewall + custom iptables rules
    we have mod_evasive and mod_security custom rules.

    Today 1 of our servers was ddosed by some IPs and Hetzner support was disconnect the server from internet.

    Ok not a problem, i understand they dont have any network protection, so the only way to protect their network is to disconnect a server from internet.

    After 2 hours i emailed support to reconnect the server.

    And what they say:
    First they give me a link to complete:

    And then fax it.
    And they ask me also to tell them why the server was ddosed.

    That is the most stupid question i ever heard.

    For Hetzner: Dear, we are a web hosting company in that bussiness sometimes people attack your servers because of so many reasons ......

    I repeat avoid this provider.

    And there's no bad advertising is just the truth.

    First downtime: 14 hours.
    Last downtime: 4 hours and increase.

    A killer bussiness company.

    Thank you very much.

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    PS: I'm wondering if we get a hardware issue we have to notify them using fax and tell them why the
    hardware damaged?

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    Were you paying for any DoS/DDoS mitigtation? What was the size of the attack?

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    40 MBit/s
    No, i'm not paying.
    But this dont have any relevance.

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    So let me get this straight, you had a DDoS attack targeting your server and Hetzner disconnects you for that?

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    And they ask me also to tell them why the server was ddosed.
    It was ddosed cause somebody was intending harm to your sites / server. IDK kind of a hard question when you don't know / probably won't know the motive of the attacker(s)...
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    Sorry to hear that, but I guess they have their own policies for things like these.
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    Sergej: true.
    Matt - HostMist: true, is almost imposible until you use dedicated IP for every domain you host on server, and nobody know your primary IP.

    ServerBoost: That cant be a 'policy'.
    But however lets accept the part of policy.

    Why are you asking me to send a fax where i need to specify the:
    1. Reason of flood.
    2. Who ddos me
    3. And what actions i will take so in future ddos will be stopped.

    for 1 -> the most stupid question i heard in this domain.
    for 2 -> I ask a mother caterpillar
    for 3 -> I'm pretty sure that cannot be done using an iptables server or any software firewall.

    And they dont have any ddos protection addon available.

    Repeat. I will not blame Hetzner, I think is a competent company, i blame the people who respond to tickets without thinking.

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