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    Good Hosting Customer Support

    Newbies! It's imperative for you to know that web host features does not just stop with Unilimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. There are other very salient features to which some people looking for a host provider have ignore, it is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

    You will not value the importance of a good customer support until you start having problems which you want resolved in the shortest possible time. For some host providers this is like telling them to do the impossible.

    It is sad that some of the so-called reputable host don't even have a ticket system not to talk of an on-line chat system where you can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

    So, for those of you that are new to hosting or want to change your host, then you had better look for a host that offers good customer support either by Chat, ticket system or forum.

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    I can agree with that. Some host have the online system but are never on and when you use the ticket system you might wait 5 mins to an hour. It sucks how they don't offer better service.

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    I would like to inform that most of the big giants in the hosting(I am not specifing the names) their customers because of the poor customer support. And its really nice to see the new hosting companies are proving great tech suport. I hope that more new webhosting companies will be emerge in coming future

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    That's what some small hosts are capitalizing on. if they can't compete against the big host package wise, they can do that by providing good customer support.

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    Couldn't agree more on this thread. However, there are some large companies that do offer decent support.

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    I have a reseller account with a relatively unknown host but their customer support is out of this world. I just can't thank them enough. I even gambled with them and they surprised me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by igxhost View Post
    Couldn't agree more on this thread. However, there are some large companies that do offer decent support.
    Yes, I agree with that. I didnt tell that ALL the large companies are not offering good support. You can just go through webhosting revies by the customers ;-)

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    Strongly agree with that.
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    The long and short of it is that people should not overlook customer support when joining the bandwagon of any host.

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    I 100% agree with this afam4eva....

    Customer support is 1 of the top most thing to be placed in chart... I myself can't ignore this. There are many points when I need this feature and thus it does play an important role...

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    Quality host, though relatively unknown have a very good customer support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afam4eva View Post
    Quality host, though relatively unknown have a very good customer support.
    << removed >>

    As I too believe that new companies can really provide a better support to there customers in order to get them for a long time.

    And as they are in a process of building a new customer base they always try to over deliver there customers..... This adds to an advantage for customers...
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    Customer service is the best way to gain your customer's trust.

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    Great customer service is the only thing that will guarantee your success in this industry. You could have the best servers in the world, best location, 100 employees, best looking website, and the cheapest plans around..But, if you fail to give your clients great support and a good customer service experience, you will not stay in business for long, guaranteed.
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    Have to agree that CS is the one thing most overlooked when choosing a host. Turns out to be the most important.

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    Good customer service can certainly make up for weaknesses in other areas.

    Bad customer service tends to just make things worse all around.
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