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    flash or javascript popup window

    Hi all,

    I am not an expert in programming but would like to incorporate a pop up windows on a PHP event, the problem is, I have seen this beautiful pop up windows in many places but do not know where to get this code from. I think facebook use it.

    I explain how it looks:

    first you click on a button on the site and then you have this horizontal line coming on the screen with a popup windows + fade in added, then the background kind of become blurry and you can only see the windows itself.
    Or the background does not become blurry and the windows stays there until you click another button "ok" or register.

    I really do not how I could explain how it looks but if you have exemples of nice pop up windows scripts please let me know.



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    look at jQuery which is an extension of Javascript and then have a look at


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    Hi BamBam,

    If you go the jQuery route, check out facebox. They've made an effort to make it look just like the facebook popup you're talking about.

    Or, if jQuery looks like overkill for a single popup window, you might want to check out greybox. It's only 22k and it's super simple to setup (I've used it before). It's also easy to customize the style using CSS.

    Just do a google search for "greybox" and it'll be the first match.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


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    Yes I actually found it 3 days agoand sent it to my programmers,


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