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    Basic Web Host

    I've created loads of sites before, mostly using high end VPS or dedicated servers. I'm somewhat new to shared hosts, having used just 2 before. The 2 being:

    1. Hostmonster - brilliant. Yes, it's oversold badly but it's service is second to none and I never had an issue on a medium-traffic site. However, I do know they phone you to verify your account, and I currently do not have possesion of a phone (travelling).

    2. iWhic. Had some serious downtime at one point, but else reliable. Customer service OK. Basic plan does not support unlimited domains.

    I am looking to make a personal blog, possibly a travel blog or car review site.
    I may still use iWhic, but I'd like to be open to suggestions:

    • Unlimited domains
    • 5GB Diskspace
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 20GB+ Bandwidth
    • Reseller would be nice (host my friends)
    • cPanel (this is a must).

    While technically my budget is unlimited, I would like to stick it to the $5-10/month mark. Pay per month is preferable.

    I like the idea of just a big oversold host, cause they are generally reliable and I won't be using that much resources and the bonuses (such as Adwords credit) are generally useful.


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    If you want a "big oversold host", have you thought of HostGator?

    They seem like the 'best' "big oversold host"

    However their reseller packages cost more than $5-$10/month. In truth I'm not sure you'll find a good quality host who offers what you are asking for, plus reseller access, for $5 per month (perhaps at $10/month though)
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    Oh reseller is optional, I'm more than happy to pay $20-$50 motnhly for reseller. I did consider hostgator, but I thought they'd have some phone verification. Plus their hatchling plan (which is up my alley) doesn't have unlimited domains.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Have you checked out the offers forum?
    I used this and then searched WHT to see if there were many complaints in regards the hosts service
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    HostGator only has phone verification when your address and IP address don't match. In such a case, they'll suspend your account temporarily - and all you have to do is e-mail them verification docs or give them a call.

    I think you can leave them a note saying you're travelling... it wouldn't be too big of a deal.

    At the end of the day, if it doesn't work out, they have a 45 day money back guarantee. - Carbon-Neutral Web Hosting at affordable prices!
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    Host gator is kinda expensive but it's hosting service is out of this world. I rate them the best at the moment.

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    Between shared and reseller, I'd take a reseller plan just for the ability to run multiple cPanel accounts. Its much cleaner than addon domains. Also with cPanel the ability to run multiple Private IP's and SSL certs on a reseller account.

    That being said, I'm a fan of VPS and Dedicated naturally. But if your requirements are not that high, don't waste the money on it.

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    I would go with reseller but like you said its optional. I don't like large web hosting companies because you have support but some small host tries tries to become personal and I feel like more of a friend then a client.

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    Have a look at Hawk Host. They're great for shared hosting.

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    However, I do know they phone you to verify your account
    It didn't happen to me with either Hostmonster or Hostgator, but I paid with Paypal, the billing address matched my actual location, so it may have made a difference. On the other hand, I live in a high fraud country, which makes me likely to qualify for verifications.

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