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    Arrow "URL-PAL" Short URL Script

    "URL-PAL" Short URL Script

    Want to run a short url site like tiny url? Then here is the script for you! "URL-PAL" is a short url script packed with features and comes with many new features and security fixes making it one of the best scripts for this job.


    * Simple API
    * Full admin functions
    * Smarty templates
    * URL stats
    * No need for http:// on urls
    * Fully open code so you can change it
    * Member accounts
    * API bookmarklet script (shorten urls on the go via your bookmark toolbar)
    * More!

    A demo of the script can be seen here: Main Script (admin/admin123)

    Ademo of the simple api can be seen here: API

    The cost of the script is 6 with unlimited support and updates from

    Please PM me for more information


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    We are now able to accept online orders, view more information and demos at:

    Until the end of this month you can get 10% off any order from by using the code: 10PLEASE at checkout.

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    this script is now FREE, grab your copy now at:

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