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    New Website Please Review !!!!!!


    Please review my website, Can you tell me what you guys think about my website?

    Is it bad or good or what?

    Does it need this or that?

    If i like your suggestion, ill pm you with some time of compensation.

    Thank You

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    Its very messy, clean it up. Simplify all the images, Get rid of the advertisements for now.

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    Okay, any other ideas? Thanks for the input

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    Yeah try the idea out first than come back with a rough draft. Otherwise you'll just keep spinning in circles.

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    I have to use the scroll bar in FF to read anything on your site. I am not impressed.

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    The look of the site is not bad, colors are friendly and not to obnoxious. First thing I noticed was it's a bit messy/crowded, try to get rid of some of the advertisements and free up some space so it's less crowded.

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    I would move the ads to the bottom. They are a real turn off right at the top. Are they more pertinent than your welcome? I didn't care for the orange text. Too bright for a forum.

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    Good start - I would tidy up the images a bit more.
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