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    Windows game server VPS - recommendations


    Currently I am hosting a server for a particular video game from my home with a large amount of bandwidth using FreeBSD 7.2 and VirtualBox. Everything works perfectly, but I'm looking into a new domain and a professional hosting solution in order to improve the overall experience for my users. I'm a college student (graduate, robotics) and therefore I'm on a tight budget.

    I've generated a usermap using a GeoIP database that shows the span of my userbase. In short, most of my users are from America and northern Europe.
    tinyurl dot com/ygl3fvp

    The virtual machine I use currently uses 192 MB of virtual RAM. Although the hard drive uses over 6GB, most of that is taken up by the operating system itself (Windows XP MCE) - I can fit my daemon into 2GB. Using Linux or FreeBSD is not an option unfortunately. I do not require high reliability, but I cannot afford to be locked into a contract. If possible, I'd like to get a VPS host with a low introductory cost so that I can determine whether my needs will be met with as little cost.

    After checking around for low-cost VPS hosts that fit these criteria, the three most likely candidates seem to be:

    - - $18 a month
    - Pandela - $24 a month
    - Kickass VPS - $35 a month
    (can't provide URLs)

    I know nothing about these providers. Does anyone on this forum have any recommendations? Do my goals sound feasible?

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    I know Xennode is pretty good. I run a gaming server there their data center uses Internap which offer's great routing and fast speeds.

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    Xennode does not seem to support Windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melgibson View Post
    Xennode does not seem to support Windows.
    They do you just have to contact someone directly to order it

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    Yeah, we actually do now support windows!

    However, the customer who requires windows must provide their own license at this time. We do not provide any licenses for Windows. Hope to see you soon!

    I've updated the website to avoid confusion.

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    You might run into licensing issues with Windows XP in a datacenter scenario, and Windows 2003/2008 would be quite pricey if you were to buy it, so I would recommend going with a host that can license you 2k3/2k8 on a monthly basis through the SPLA. This will add to the cost of the server, but it keeps everything simple and above board.
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