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    I've recently acquired a 1U rack mount server from eBay. I believe it kicks some butt...and now I am thinking about looking for a colocation provider to host it for me. It's for my own websites, not web hosting or storage. I don't need any sophisticated control panel, as I've pretty much made my own. I only need enough IP addresses to have my own name servers and one for all of my websites (I don't need each site to have a unique IP). I don't need any management help as I can manage my own servers. A simple data center control panel with the ability to hard reboot my server would be nice.

    However, if the provider charges anything above $70-$80, I can just rent a dedicated server for around the same price. I know the dedicated server would not have the same features and hardware as my server, but if I'm providing the server, why should I be charged the same amount as if they were providing me with a server??

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Check the Colo Offers section.

    You need 2 IPs, 1 for each DNS server, and can put web serving on 1 or both of those IPs, but you might as well look around for 3-5 IPs.

    I think there is a post about $40 for a 1U server with 24/7 staffed data center, so that you could ask them to reboot the server. Maybe they can quote you a price on a reboot port? The equipment to do this is inexpensive.

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    $70-$80 may be cutting it close on a colocation facility that your server won't get stolen from, though it's all relative. How much bandwidth are you going to want with that?

    Generally speaking, colocating a single 1u server vs. renting a low end dedicated server; you probably really will find comparable or better deals for the dedicated server. It seems a little strange at first, but it's something that gets discussed at length on these boards.. it really is an easier situation for providers to deploy Atom servers in mass than it is to deal with maintaining foreign and potentially unreliable hardware that will quite probably gobble more power than those little systems where all variables are already known. In any case, MrZill's advice is good - definitely be sure to check the offers forum here.
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    Like the others said - keep an eye on the offers forum.

    You really do get what you pay for, some data centers will be more help, or more lenient than others, just pick wisely, and ask lots of questions!

    Good luck!
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    You should be fine in that price range. I'd take a look around the offers forum or heck while you're at it, if you don't mind Seattle, Washington, Fazewire comes highly recommended from me. He racked my server with no problems and got me up and running as soon as he got the equipment.

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