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    HIRING Support Staff - Chat Tickets, Phone, and Server Management

    Verdict Networks Job Advert

    Verdict Networks is a young and prosperous support company looking to expand their technical support team in order to excel through the market.

    At this time we are looking for experienced technicians that are willing to start work on small salaries until our company grows. As of now, Verdict Networks is growing very rapidly which is why we are here today. Please see below the various requirements and procedures we require from you.

    Applicants must be native English and living within the UK, USA or Australia.
    Applicants must have exceptional typing and grammatical skills.
    Applicants must be able to provide level 3 support comfortably for all well known control panels and operating systems.
    Applicants must be able to work in a team.
    Applicants must be able to work under pressure should there be a need.
    In the event of an emergency, applicant must be able to attend if out of shift and if required.

    At the moment we are offering payments per ticket resolved. We understand this isnít a lot of money for the expertise you hold and we appreciate that which is why we will do whatever we can to get you a solid amount of money per week or per month dependant on our income.

    Vacancy Roles
    Sales & Support Live Chat
    Sales & Support Tickets
    Sales & Support Telephone
    Server Management

    1. If you are not natively English and do not live in the countries listed above, DO NOT APPLY!
    2. Email your resume and a covering email to [email protected]
    3. Wait for a response from one of the senior management team.
    4. Attend an interview via MSN or Skype.
    5. We will select applicants we feel are worthy of our dedication needs.
    6. If you are one of the worthy applicants you will be contacted to start a 2 week trial.

    We do strongly advise that any applications or enquiries made via this post or email from applicants not within the countries listed above or natively English will be ignored. Sorry

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    How about Canada, Ontario

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    I've sent you an email regards to this position.
    Look forward to speaking more with you about this opportunity!

    Thank you,

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