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    [USA] Instant Setup $10 Xen Vps.

    All accounts will be automatically activated after PayPal payment is complete. Our guarantee is that you will have your VM setup, and login instructions in your inbox within 5 minutes of payment being completed. If we fail in this promise, we give you %50 of what you just paid us back, no questions asked! Come see why more and more customers are choosing Host Our Web for there VPS needs. Realistic hosting with realistic uptime at realistic prices means you have found the VPS hosting company you have been looking for.

    Linux Starter VPS
    • 300gb of data transfer
    • 512MB of dedicated ram
    • 1 ip address
    • 19.5gb HD space
    • 500MB swap space
    • Full root access

    $10 a month
    Signup here

    Linux Medium VPS
    • 300gb of data transfer
    • 1024MB of dedicated ram
    • 1 ip address
    • 29.5gb HD space
    • 500mb swap space
    • Full root access

    $15 a month
    Signup here

    Linux Business VPS
    • 300gb of data transfer
    • 1.5GB of dedicated ram
    • 1 ip address
    • 39.5gb HD space
    • 500mb of swap space
    • Full root Access

    $20 a month.
    Signup here

    All Vps servers come with the following.
    •Full Power control (shutdown, restart, boot) of your VM
    •Network Usage graphs.
    •24 hour toll free hotline.
    •Non OVER SOLD nodes.
    •99% network and server uptime guarantee (monitored by pingdom)

    Upgrade Options are as follows
    •Extra Hard drive space at $.25 per Gb
    •Extra Ip at $1.00 a month
    •Extra ram $5.00 per 128mb

    Supported Operating systems. 64 bit versions
    •Centos 5

    Xen Control panel features
    •Able to start vm from powered off state
    •Able to stop vm from powered on state
    •Able to restart from powered on state
    •Able to reimage Vm within 5 minutes with a press of 1 buttion
    •Able to login via ssh to your Vm’s console Bandwidth free

    Test ip is
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    what vps control panel do you use & what cpu does your node use?Is it fair share cpu ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MIYU-HITORI View Post
    what vps control panel do you use & what cpu does your node use?Is it fair share cpu ?
    Thanks for the question.

    we use a home grown control panel that that intergrates into WHMCS.

    each server uses dual quad core intel processors, each node has no more then 15 customers and we have never had an issue with CPU usage. we monitor everything and typically the ones that over use CPU are Vps nodes that are not secure.

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    Hmm, I could swear I posted in this thread...

    Where in PA is the data center located?

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    The datacenter is located in Scranton PA.

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    Can I setup personal VPN (Poptop)?
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    we ask that you please contact sales @ hostourweb .com about this.

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    Port speed?

    Do you use RAID? If yes, RAID 1, 5, or 10? HW or SW RAID?

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    Each port is running at 100mb.
    Again we monitor everything about the servers to ensure everyone is getting there fair usage. If a customer is using a lot of data we find out why and if necessary move them to a node that is not using as much of the resource as they are. We have a ZERO spam policy which is why we monitor the servers so closely.

    All raid is hardware based (mostly 3ware raid cards) and is typically raid 5 (though some drives are raid 1).

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