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    Building an ostemplate

    How would I go about building an ostemplate?

    I want to build one running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and ISPConfig on openvz

    Could I pretty much start with the Ubuntu 8.04 minimal install and then run the ispconfig installation ( )

    and then make an ostemplate out of that?

    The part that concerns me is will the hostname autopopulate based on what is setup during the build of the vm?

    What about the SSL info it asks me for during the install, should I just enter something generic for that or ???

    Has anyone else done this? I don't want hostinabox to be the only image with a control panel

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    One technique I've used is to keep config files locally (on my
    desktop) and then rsync them to the new server after it's up and
    running. That's how I set up 4 mirror VPSs fairly quickly.

    Of course, you can't rsync everything (eg, the server's IP address),
    and the systems have to be fairly similar for this to work.

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