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    Question Server Backup Advice over private lan?

    Hi Guys,

    Curious how you are doing this if you are co-locating a few servers in the same rack. I'm looking at putting in a small server to handle the backups offloaded to it, and connecting the 2nd 1Gbit ethernet ports on our Poweredges to a private switch. Does this sound about right and how you would handle them?

    We already do offsite RSYNC, what I am trying to work out is how to handle backups held onsite from multiple servers. The servers will have a local copy of a backup, and i'm thinking one offloaded to a specified backup server. That backup server can then RSYNC offsite.

    Right now we have two 1RU servers, with two more going in and a 2RU server. So ideally I would like to backup all 5 servers to this box.

    Perhaps i'm over complicating it? However I do want to have a good backup system in place, I sleep easier at night this way



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    I run small 2-4 bay machines as backup NAS servers. The backups are generated on the boxes and then transported off via rsync to these machines. They don't take up much space or power, but do give a good peace of mind. All of the backups run via a 10.x network on a private lan. Makes for a much quicker backup since there is no competing traffic and with multiple machines you can time out the crons so they aren't rsycing over each other.

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