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    High-Profile Blog Hosting

    Hello all,

    I'm going to be setting up and hosting a high-profile wordpress blog. It'll probably get around 800.000 pagehits per month. The client has been asking about Peak Capacity, Throughput and whatnot and I'm honestly am not sure what to tell him.

    So far I've been maintaining a 1and1 windows 2003 dedicated server with about 20 websites, but none which comes close to that amount of traffic.

    My plan is to go for a Linux box with the following specs:

    • CPU: Opteron 1218 HE
    • CPU Details: 2 x 2.6 GHz
    • RAM:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disks: 2 x 400 GB (RAID 1 Software)
    • Bandwidth: 100Mbps

    Can anyone help or recommend where to start to eventually be able to decently answer my clients questions?


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    Try to stay away from software raids.

    I'd recommend a proper Intel Quad Core, like Yorkfield/Harpertown, and two SATA drives in hardware RAID-1.

    Also, I hope you don't have any dreams to get even half of that 100mbps for the prices 1and1 practices
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    Only to add to what cristibighea has said - stay AWAY from 1&1 - if your client is having a popular blog site, then you definitely want to recommend a half-decent provider with good uptime and connectivity.
    A 100Mbps uplink or 1Gbps uplink port which is metered would serve the server well with throughput depending on the data-type, visitor location and server location in relation the bulk of the hit region.

    RAM - as much as you can afford really - it'll ensure the site is responsive enough at peak periods.

    HDD / RAID - SATAII drives or SCSI drives (depending on budget), and definitely a hardware RAID card to handle drive redundancy.

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    Consider WP Super Cache if it won't mess with any custom mods/plguin and nginx/lighty/lsws instead of Apache.

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    I would advise against the use of software RAID as another poster also mentioned. Definitely stick with hardware RAID.

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    800.000 pagehits a month:

    Is that hits or page views? I've got a site with over a million hits on a shared server and its fine. Seems its overkill having a dedicated server for just 800,000 hits...

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    I get about 200,000 hits per month on my wordpress blog and can run that fine on a Linode VPS.

    Edit: btw, on all my sites together (2 wp blogs and some other static pages + gallery) i get total 500,000 page views and that runs fine on my VPS.
    I get about 2000 unique visitors per month total.
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    well, wordpress is a CPU Killer on my knowledge, you may want to optimize some queries, use xcache or eaccelerator and of course, wp-super-cache would help reducing the server load (but it needs RAM)

    Anyway, 800 K hits, are not that much, but WP is a ****

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    Well, you said hits, but even if you meant 800 thousand page views that is still less then 30 thousand page views a day.

    That is a fairly low amount and the server you mentioned should be more then enough to handle it, even with software raid.

    Ive had well over 150 thousand page views a day on a similar server using VB forum software..
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