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    Do i need to host on my reseller ?

    For example,i have web hosting service site in hostgator.
    Do i need to move it to my reseller hosting package(Not hostgator)?

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    You need to provide a lot more info. Do you have two hosting accounts, one shared from HostGator and one a reseller from elsewhere? Are you saying you want to cancel your HG account and use the reseller instead?

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    Do i need to move it to my reseller hosting package(Not hostgator)?
    There's no need to do so. It may actually be a good idea to keep hosting it remotely (if it's not too much of a financial strain for you), so that your site will be up and people can contact you when the reseller hosting server is down for a rather prolonged period of time.

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    I usually have hosting on two different continents so there's always a place I can be reached in case something goes wrong. Perhaps this is a bit too much, but if you're woried about a single point of failure, this may be a solution.

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    i suggest you to use hostgator hosting for your business website

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    I dont think so,
    but, if you are confident with your reseller hosting, that could be a good choice.

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    depends on your setup. but as others said, you have to be a bit more clear on what you mean. the question is pretty broad and can have a thousand different answers.

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    Completely lost me there.. I believe the OP is a bit confused. Seeming he is understanding that his host gator accounts must be moved to his reseller in order to be hosted correctly. That is how I understood it.

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    If you are happy about the current provider you need to migrate within it
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