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    Are Squeeze Pages Too Gimicky?

    I believe the web site I have set up looks very professional, but I was thinking of setting up squeeze pages which aren't nearly as elegant looking. Has anyone here had success with squeeze pages? Or do people generally dismiss them?

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    I am not sure of the success of squeeze pages, however, I think they are tacky and never pay any attention to them. I would be interested to see if anyone knows what impact they have.
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    I have been working with a squeeze page recently - it has been working pretty well for me so far. It is the one I am using in my signature link if you want an example. Conversion rates to opt in are 30%. From opt in to sale conversion rates are about 1:20. And my squeeze page is tacky of the tackiest, so it definitely still works either way. I suspect once I add my video in, I can get my opt-in conversion to 50%.

    Sure, you might lose some people who don't want to give out their email address. But for all the people that you capture, you can market to over and over and over again. That definitely beats the one shot chance you get at converting a customer who randomly finds your website and buys on impulse.

    Another awesome aspect of it is that you can market other things besides your own services.

    Not all squeeze pages have to look tacky BTW. If you add in some video into an elegant looking sales page, you got a winner for sure.
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    You can also compromise somewhere in the middle. Keep your elegant pages, but use a service like aweber that can have a squeeze popup to collect email addresses.

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    I also want to add in, that the power of your list is in how you leverage it later on.

    For example, once you get about 1,000 subscribers, you can JV with someone in a related field and have them send out your mailing to their list while you send out their mailing to your list.

    Done correctly, you can convert 300-500 subscribers from your JV. Imagine if you do that once a week while simultaneously building your list with your current traffic source.

    Before long your list will be up to 3k. JV again with someone with a bigger list and you are looking at 1000 new subscribers you can get from that persons list.

    You will be at 10,000 subscribers before you know it. It just keeps building and building...
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    For selling hosting, forget it.
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