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    memory LIMIT in ESXI ?

    i have question
    when i click " edit setting " for VM in ESXI
    i see 2 option about MEMORY limit! :
    1- in hardware Tab
    2- in resource TAB
    What is the difference between these ?

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    Good Question, simple answer.

    Hardware Tab: is what the server will see as it boots up. so if it set to 2GBs it will say 2068 or whatever in the guest OS

    Resource Tab: Is where you can make a reservations and limitation on CPU and RAM. Example: You want your GuestOS1 to have a minimum of 1GB of the 2GB of RAM. It will make a reservation that the GuestOS1 will always have at least 1GB of RAM.

    This is the way I understand it from reading and setting up my own ESXi servers.

    Hope this helps.

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