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    * 3 month Obtrix/SeedStorm review

    I switched my VPS to Obtrix/SeedStorm 3 months back after sticking with the same provider for nearly 2 years. At first I was hesitant to switch hosting companies; however, now I am glad I did!. I chose them as they were offering better conditions then and continue to be the best VPS provider now. So far, the service has been phenomenal, and absolutely no major problems at all (the only few get hammered down by support either threw website's live chat, email or IRC). I pay a very reasonable amount of money for quality service and features.

    I believe this to be one of the best VPS providers I've ever used (and I have used close to ten or more!), I highly recommend them as your next VPS provider!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, definitely keep us posted in the near future with another updated review!

    Good luck
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    Great review! I've actually never heard of the company but thank you for taking the time to write your experience in regards to the company. Best of luck!
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    No problem, I wrote the review to try and give something back to Obtrix/SeedStorm for everything they have given to me. I'm still with this company and things are still going great!

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    would you mind reporting your review of Obtrix?

    Click Here

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    I reported it last month when I posted however I have reported it once again, ty.

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