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    service to automatically Login to cPanel

    Hi, I'm searching for a reliable online-service or a script that could periodically log in to the cPanel on a hosted website.

    Does anybody know a way how this could be automated so that a task could be used to periodically log into the cPanel on the website with administrative access at a certain port?

    I think it could be a script or a service on a second webserver (might be dedicated for this job) that runs periodically and executes the task: logs in to the main webserver's cPanel on a certain portnumber.
    The reason is I want to use a free webhosting service (which is completely sufficient for my purpose) but it requires the webmaster to login at least once a month to prevent the website from being deleted. This is not a big problem at first view but could lead to unintentionally deleted website due to travel or busy job...
    Thanks for any suggestion!

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    This looks impossible.

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    Just have something like Lynx (linux command line webbrowser) installed on most linux system; and write a litte script which logins to your website; you then got to use the --auth parameter for your userid/password.

    Note that anyone finding this script can read you userid/password ! so you may want to add some additional security measures.

    Just wondering if this all is really worth it; while you can get hosting from just a few dollars a month withouth bothering to login, but that is a choice which is up to you.
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