Dedicated unmetered means that you can 24/7 use the full port speed. There is absolutely no other limit then the port speed. This is non shared bandwidth! 100% dedicated for you.

This weeks VPS unmetered offers

VPS dedicated unmetered 100 mbit

All Swiftway VPS Plans Include:

- 24x7x365 Support via our supportdesk
- Our own high quality BGP network AS35017
- Onsite engineers
- Your own subnet of 5 useable IPs in your own VLAN

- Our team of experienced (10 years+) server administrators.
- All hardware owned by Swiftway.
- Servers placed in a high tech datacenter with over 10 MW capacity (completely redundant)
- Servers hosted in the Netherlands
... and more!

IP to ping:
Speed test @ 100 mbit available. Mail [email protected]



Swiftway is a subdivision of Eureka Solutions and a provider of turn-key internet services based in Europe.
These services include high-speed internet access, website design, custom programming, server management, colocation, Hosted exchange/sharepoint, Streaming Media and dedicated servers.
The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over twenty countries the world over.

We can make custom quotes and setups, please mail to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about Swiftway and the offers:

Q: How long are you in Business?
A: Eureka Solutions is a LLC (SP. z o.o.) founded in 2003

Q: You are a European company, where are the servers located?
A: We host our servers in the Netherlands on our own network AS35017

Q: If hardware fails, will you repair it for free?
A: We replace hardware at no charge to the customer on a basis of best effort. PAID Additional SLA is optional from SWIFT5 to SWIFT1. mail us for details.

Q: Can you do custom configurations?
A: Yes we do, but a custom configuration will take a longer time to deploy.

Q: Do you allow all content?
A: We do not allow Warez or warez related content and IRC

Q: How long does it take to setup a new server
A: Unless otherwise noted, we setup each server within 10 business days after order and payment.

Q: Are reboots free of charge?
A: Remote reboots are free

Q: Are OS reinstallations free
A: Yes, OS reinstallations are free.

@ High Quality network: Swiftway AS35017
# Our servers are hosted in the Netherlands

@ Additional information

Server placed in the Netherlands on our own network AS35017

Contact Swiftway

Email: [email protected]

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* Prices are excluding VAT.
* Our website: