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    Sharepoint Hosting recommendation


    The charity that I am working for would like to host Sharepoint WSS 3.0 with a hosting provider

    We have 125 users. Budget is <$40

    I would like to use Sharepoint Designer 2007 and also be able to upload webparts and templates

    Which companies do you recommend? What is your opinion on Apps4Rent and Hostway?

    Thank you

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    They are both good companies.

    I am hosting my sharepoint web site with - price and service has been good.

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    Of those two I would go for Apps4Rent only because I have only dealt with them in the past and was satisfied.

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    also check intermedia.. my term with them is smooth Dedicated Hosting

    Superior Hosting Solutions, Exclusive Specials on Dedicated Web Server

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    Thank you all for your recommendations. Will definitely check out try myhosting and intermedia.

    Do anyone else have good experiences with these Sharepoint hosting companies or any other Sharepoint hosting companies?

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    How about getting a VPS and setting up your own Sharepoint environment on it?
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    I suppose for your budget you will be able to get good VPS server

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    I wonder if sharepoint software developers have their own recommendation for the web hosting? I assume that is what you can use
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    I see you mentioned Hostway in your original post.

    After having SharePoint hosted by them for a good couple of years for one of our clients (we're primarily a website design company) I can NOT recommend them.

    We've had no end of problems with their servers going down recently and being unaccessible. They don't even have any redundancy or backup contingencies and we have gone weeks without it, whilst they build a new AD domain server or SharePoint portal. Avoid like the plague.

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