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    Defunct apache processes?

    I see a lot of defunct apache processes, they disappear after like 1 second after showing up but does that mean that users can't access the site or was cut off due to the zombie process?

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    The defunct apache process is absouletly normal and it does not make your sites go offline.
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    nvm this is absolutely normal
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    Actually the defunct apache process that are the dead process and they does not consume any system resources except for that it has entry in the process table maintained by the operating system.
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    Just to clarify this issue further, a momentary <defunct> apache process is completely normal (as indicated by others). Apache has a configuration option called MaxRequestsPerChild that determines how many requests any given child process (in prefork mode) can handle before it is killed off and a new one is spawned in its place. You are seeing that kill and respawn process in your process list/top.

    These are perfectly normal and part of Apache's normal operations. If you are seeing a high number of these, then you might have your MaxRequestsPerChild set to an unusually low number which is causing your server to work harder killing off and respawning apache child processes more than necessary. You can set this config option to 0 which will prevent the kill/respawn from occuring, but if you are using any type of apache module with an embedded language (mod_perl, mod_php, mod_python) I would recommend setting this config option to around 1000 to help clean out any possible memory leaks in these modules (they can and do build up over time especially with PHP and Python, based on my observations).

    Anyways, check your settings in your apache config and verify that the setting MaxRequestPerChild is set to a sane number and you can safely ignore them in the future. - Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
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