Hi all!

Well this is my first post so i'll take this opportunity to properly introduce myself. I'm a employee at a dutch hosting / web development company located in the Netherlands and I have a question about hosting.

Hopefully i'm at the right place for asking this particular question. I'm currently looking for ways to professionalize our internal processes mainly focused on hosting and web development. For this i'm currently looking into WHMCS and equivalents. It really seems to be a great product because of the support and billing features.

But there are also some other features i need in order to fully support our business processes. I'm looking for project management software to support our web development processes (specifying requirements, design, build, testing etc.) and software to do some time tracking. I've done some research and i've found software like Fogbugz, Ontime which can integrate a DVCS system like Subversion.

The problem i'm having is not finding the right software, but the a good combination of software which is capable of seamlessly integrating with each other. I know that is almost impossible, but I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction.

So for my questions: Are there any companies or people on this forum that have integrated some kind project management and time tracking solution? If so can you provide me with the names and tell me how you integrated this with your current software like e.g. WHMCS?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Holland