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    * Alternative for LogicBox/Orderbox

    We all know how bad the UI is, when dealing with the Logicbox/Orderbox platform, therefore my search for an alternative led me to

    They also offer your-own plug-in in registry accreditation's and start registering domains in minutes! (other wise they offer a variety of TLDs, over 200).
    This is good for people/companies getting accredited and need an Robust platform, which handles from Registering names, billing, support suite, too Complete DNS management

    I believe it is always good to have options available, with one not getting monopolist

    The rate for DNS pricing is also close to that of Logicboxes, though the only downside I could find (as-of-now) was the absence to 'Private Whois Service'

    Again, this is just my opinion, please examine things further & update on your findings.

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    Good Finding

    I have added them in my wiki article.

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    Looks good, they offer a huge range of TLDs (.im/.travel/.fm - and others that most registrars don't offer).

    For the range of domains, they are excellent. However, their prices are a little bit high for a registrar. I may use their services for some of the less common ccTLDs that I cannot currently offer, but not for main TLDs like .com & .net.

    A good find

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    Thank-you Ashok & TH-Guy,
    You are very correct in saying that their reseller pricing is quite costly, I would not recommend any one for the reseller services. However what I would strongly recommend is their (registrar) platform, which I find is better than orderbox/logicboxes, For someone like say 'ICANN Accelerated' registrar (who has the advantage of better[cheaper] pricing) simply looking for "Domain-Customer Management Platform" can take due advantage of the available service, and there by save on :-
    # Significant development and operating expense savings since RegistrarOC handles the development, maintenance, equipment, and operations for the clients.
    # Allows clients to focus their resources on value added services and marketing.
    And best of all
    # Use your own registry accreditation's which allows for clients to deal directly with Registries for discounts and promotions

    Please also note the usage of this service is very competitively priced with comparative to orderbox/logicboxes

    Again, this is just my take on the things..

    "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16, Holy Bible.

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    I created an account with them upon curiosity.

    Their interface seems pretty basic.

    Their prices are not that bad.

    I sent support a question 2 days ago and no answer yet.

    When it comes to domain support, the answers must come in less than 6 hours. So I am not seeing them as an alternative to LogicBoxes.

    LogixBox interface, support and high level management help for registrars is hard to replace.
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    Just writing to clarify some comments on this thread about our company.


    A."Their interface seems pretty basic" ... we have two interfaces, one older and one newer ... not sure which one you used ... our newer one is very advanced; however, also most of clients connect via API or EPP
    B. << removed >>
    C. Support - if you could send me your support ticket number I would like to check our ticket history ... typically we answer within 6 hours.
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    While the UI for the front end is completely customizable; the control panels are currently being worked on to improve user experience. Several screens within the control panels have already been revamped and our teams are working towards a full overhaul.

    A full control API in several languages is also available for all Registrars who wish to plug-in to the system using their own interfaces.

    Managing a Registrar involves several aspects and at LogicBoxes, Technical Support, Account Management, Registrar Processes Consultancy and Abuse Process handling are put into place from a Registrar’s perspective and is notably different from a reseller service. Also, to clarify, the points highlighted by skypn in the comment above i.e. reduction in Opex, focus on services & marketing + ability to use your own accreditation and avail of Registry promos are achievable and directly supported through the LogicBoxes platform.

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    LogicBoxes, I think you will find that your Technical Support for Registrars is "mediocre ", one example: I have given up asking when you plan to actually enable the demo link on the Reseller Partnersite, I mean, you have it as a link in the Menu and it goes to a dead FAQ... 3 months offline so far I think...

    As for "Account management" since using LB in a registrar capacity, you have changed our account manager almost 5 or 6 times in the 3 years...

    When we actually get used to an account manager, he or she "moves on". Not very good for building a relationship...

    I am still waiting for a call back from last October from your CEO, thankfully I was not holding my breath whilst waiting.

    And the Full featured API from a registrars point of view is missing a few key calls, one you cannot get a current balance of a reseller, even though in your own CP you can clearly see it, at no point is it exposed to the API.

    Another interesting one, there is also no option for a reseller or registrar to actually see their total LIABILITY, unless they go into each and every customer/reseller to see what their debit balance is...

    But I must say, yes you are quite correct that you are bringing the UI to be a little more flash, which is a good sign.
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    A change in account manager is an inevitable process as time goes by, and with every change in account manager, we have ensured that the person you are dealing with is competent and provides the same levels of service & assistance. New account managers have all open items and background data transitioned over to them before they take over.

    Addressing your point on the API, Registrars who use the API, usually build their own interfaces and plug them into their own billing systems, thus the API call that you are referring to has not been requested for by too many users.

    I assume you are referring to an API call that fetches a list of the debit balances of all resellers in one consolidated interface/page. This has not been exposed as it cannot be directly fetched from the database through a single API call/query made to the system. Balances are calculated by deducting the utilized/invoiced amount from the total funds added by a particular reseller; and presenting the data together requires calculations that are made in our system.

    We will conduct an impact analysis at our end to gauge the feasibility of exposing this API call in the new kits that are currently being worked on. It would help if you could explain exactly why this API call is needed at your end; we’ll then be able to channel the necessary tasks (UI and API) at our end to accommodate the same accordingly.

    Thank you for your comments, we have always acknowledged feedback and will do our best to incorporate your suggestions.

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