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    Server for backup?

    Hi all
    i need 1 server for using to back uping my 2nd server data
    and i will use that for proxy and personal file downloads.(i think to spiliting the server to vpses)
    budget at most 50
    1 time cost for hdd upgrades too
    thx for your help

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    you could try with amazon s3 .. as you are going just to backup your server it should be cheap

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    I think $50 is a reasonable budget to get a backup server. As long as you do not need tons of bandwidth, you should be able to find a serve that is able to store your data, keep it online and available, and get a good amount of data storage space as well.
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    I think this server hardwares are good for me
    dual core intel
    2 gb ram or +2 gb
    +300 gb hdd
    +2 ip
    +1500 gb bw
    price < $50

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