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    SNMP Enabled Thermometer

    Looking for an SNMP enabled thermometer, hopefully one capable of reading both inside and outside temperatures. A fair bit of Googling only turned up the Poseidon 1140, which apparently is not available in the US. I figured that someone here has to be using something like this in their DC. Thanks!

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    Check out the NetBotz 500 by APC.

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    Yeah the APC environmental line would do exactly what you need.

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    we have a few Poseidons 3262, and we are quite happy with them.

    you can buy them at (UK based). They should ship to the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPG View Post
    Check out the NetBotz 500 by APC.
    Thats a security appliance for connecting multiple cameras to the station.

    But it can measure temp as well

    Just for the Op starter, do you want this for measuring some gear or just the ambient temperature inside the rack or outside for DC cooling?

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    Take a look at ...
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