We are selling a extremely modified YourOwnBux script that has paid to click, paid to signup, paid to promote and also dynamic banners. Listed below is some of the features this script has:

But Wait that's not just it, if you buy today you will also recieve free directory submission to hundreds of directories and also social site submissions to over 50 sites. (ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 10)

- Surf ads
- Register area
- Login area
- Members area (Stats, profile, convert)
- Advertise area
- Purchase referrals area
- Members upgrade to premium
- Sell Ads in Side Menu
- Admin panel
- Admin can modify how much pay per click
- How much pay per click to premium users
- Admin can edit/delete users, etc...
- Approve upgrade requests
- Contact area
- FAQ, TOS, Privacy docs
- Online Users Counter
- Total Paid Counter
- Etc..

Improved Administration Features:
- Create new sets of referrals
- List users e-mails
- Create Ads Categories
- Complete Site Configuration in Admin Section
- Etc...

- Contact Referrals Service for Premium Users
- List Premium Members in admin section
- New Captcha to prevent bots (needs gdscript library with FreeTypes Installed)
- Pending Status fixed in History
- Easy Instalation

But Wait ... We Are Talking About OUR Script ... Which Is A Big, Big Modification...
So, You Get That Functions + This Ones That Where Writted By Us:
- Add Funds ( By Members )
- Store ( Like This, Editable Items,From Admin Panel! )
- Bot Detection / IP Ban - IP Unban
- Cron Job ( Must Have Cronjob In CPanel! The Cronjob That Is Included Optimizes Tables, Etc)
- Send Mass E-Mail ( From Admin Panel )
- Add/Edit Offer Advertisments ( From Admin Panel )
- Lottery ( Enable/Disable ,Edit Prizes, Select Random Winners From Admin Panel )
- Add/Edit Payment Proofs ( From Admin Panel )
- Give Referrals To Member ( From Admin Panel, Set How Many Referrals And The User,And It Will Put The Referrals To The User )
- Add New User ( From Admin Panel )
- Edit Siteslogan / Enable Forum / Enable Ad Code / Enabled Offers & Lottery / Enable Advertisers Panel / Enable Delete Account ( NEW FEATURES, Editable From Admin Panel! )
- "Convert Balance to Upgrade" ( Set Special Price For Balance Converted To Upgrade, From Admin Panel )
- Set Cost For Bold & Highlight From Admin Panel
- Add / Edit Sidelinks From Admin Panel
- Add / Edit News From Admin Panel
- Set Adview Timer For Standard Members & Upgraded Members From Admin Panel
- Auto-Generate Password Tool ( On Register And Profile Page )
- Paid-To-Promote Module !
- Dinamyc Banner ( Edit Template And It Will Put On It: Username, Balance And Total Paid )
- Send Invitation ( Members Area )

To test the script have a look at the demo

FrontEnd Demo: http://bux4sale.info

Admin Demo: Login with the details below and navigate to Cpanel on the top menu

Username: admin

Password: 123456

Buyout: $30