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    Need temporary email host

    No idea where to post this. But here is my basic issue. Running a VPS at All mail sent from my domains to a Yahoo email address get dumped into the spam folder. Support can not install DKIM and i have no idea how to do it yet.
    So i need to use a email hosting company for a while until i can figure out how to install DKIM. I signed up with to host 5 mailboxes from 2 domains. Wow they kind of stink. Webmail is slow as all get out. No access to the spam folder so you have no idea if legit email is in there or not. Check in frequency is set at 5 minutes and i cant shorten it.
    Anyone know of a good email host for around 2 bucks a month per user?

    And my less important question, Is there an app i can install on my VPS that gives me a nice looking webmail interface with a shared calendar? Zimbra looks pretty sweet but I think i read it needs to be installed on a dedicated server. I am only looking at like 10 email addresses. So I am not buying a dedicated server just for that. Is there a lite version?

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    I've been toying around with The interface is not as fast as Exchange email -- but it does the trick.

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    there's rackspace email hosting, 1$ / mailbox (10 mailboxes min.)

    for webmail there's roundcube which you can install on vps, but i'm not sure is there an calendar included.

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    Have you considered using Google Apps? It could be an ideal & lasting solution for your e-mail accounts. If you have under 50 users, then you can use their Google Apps Standard for FREE; otherwise you would be looking at about $50 per account/per year on their Google Apps Pro which comes with additional features ... it's definitely worth a look!

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