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    * remote support software options

    Does anyone use or know of a remote software support option (along the lines of teamview or copilot) which includes the following features:

    • Nothing for our customer to install, they just visit a URL
    • Works on Linux, Windows, Mac
    • Allows both view-only and take-control options

    When we are ready to implement it, I would happily pay for such a solution, if it has a track record, support, and works well. (I am not looking for a homegrown VNC solution right now.)

    If you are supporting thousands of customers and have a team of support staff using a remote support tool that is working for your company, I'd love to hear about it.
    John Masterson
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    We have one, it's groovy, it works, it's owned. It has a bigger up front cost for the B100 (single operator) but it comes with a year of free updates. You don't have to pay to keep it, you just don't get any updates. However it's compatible with Lin, Win and Mac.

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    This is a java based remote connect software. I've used it many times for getting clients out of a quick jam. It also runs on your own server so you manage it. No 3rd parties.

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