My name is Adam, I'm 19 years old I live in Europe and I'm currently looking for a job as a Server Administrator along with up to Level 3 Support.

I have over 4 years of experience as Level 2-3 Support and over 2 years as Server Administrator for Web Hosting, Game Server and Voice Chat Companies.

I am experienced with the most popular Web Hosting Linux distriburtions. However, I'm experienced the most and have a favour in CentOS/Red Hat, although I am familiar with Debian as well, for example.

I am also familiar with the usage of cPanel/DirectAdmin/HyperVM/Virtuozzo and other popular Control Panels like TCAdmin ( Game Servers ), etc.

I have the most experience with cPanel/CentOS based Servers.

In the past I've been working for quite a number of companies including AQNS-Hosting.com for example, which was quite a big company with a rather high customer base.

Of course I know how to use Kayako, WHMCS, ClientExec and many, many more Billing/Support Systems.

Basicly, I know everything that's essential in order to be a qualified Support Technician/Server Admin.
I have been troubleshooting many problems in the past of any kind, I've been always in touch with the data center as well.

I have been managing Dual Quad Core Servers/VPS Nodes with 16GB of RAM and in RAID configurations with BIOS and KvM access.

I am very polite, professional and can deal with any type of customer.

I know how to work in a group and how to arrange my time, I'm also a very flexible person.

I am available for work 8 hours per day (I can also do additional hours/grave shift when needed), 7 days per week. Available on call 24/7 if an emergency occurs or if I am needed.

Salary is negotiable although I'm looking for a Full-Time job.

I'm open to any offers, so feel free to drop me an email or contact me via MSN ( I'm online for most of the day ).

Lately I'm also learning XHTML/CSS which I'm currently in the final phase.
After that I'm going to start learning PHP/MYSQL/JavaScript/Java and Photoshop in order to become a Web Developer so in the near future I would be able to support you with my newly aquired skills!

MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

More Information on hiring me and more details about my persona available upon contact.

NOTE: I am looking for long-term offers ONLY! ( No one-time or on-call offers )

Best Regards,