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    Double Storage Double Bandwidth <==> Linux VPS <==> 24x7 Support, Fully Managed

    We also offer Windows VPS VPS solutions are second to none. We never oversell our servers. Our host nodes run on the latest and always up-to-date software to keep your server secure and divoid of attacks. Our host nodes are built with the lock it and throw away the key mentality to ensure they are secure from attacks kind to keep our security at a maximum. We also offer entire cpu cores with most of VPS servers knowing that no one else will be able to slow your VPS down. Virtual Private Servers are the way to go for companies that need complete control over their software environment, but do not have the expense budget to purchase a dedicated server. Think of the possibilities not having to contact your shared host and ask them to add a module or having them tell you they are not able to enable it.

    We are providing double resources for our linux vps servers. Hurry! While stocks are limited!

    All VPS Includes:
    Fully Managed!
    Root/Administrator Access
    Equal Share CPU
    Fast Server Setup!
    < 1 hour Support Response Time 24x7!

    Managed Linux VPS

    Linux Aluminum VPS (Double Resources)
    o 15GB Storage x2 = 30GB Storage
    o 150GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 300GB Storage
    o 256MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 1 IP Address
    Price: $ 17.95/mo

    Linux Zinc VPS(Double Resources)
    o 20GB Storage x2 = 40GB Storage
    o 200GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 400GB Bandwidth
    o 384MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 1 IP Address
    Price: $ 22.95/mo

    Linux Iron VPS (Double Resources)
    o 30GB Storage x2 = 60GB Storage
    o 300GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 600GB Bandwidth
    o 512MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 2 IP Address
    Price: $ 30.95/mo

    Linux Copper VPS (Double Resources)
    o 40GB Storage x2 = 80GB Storage
    o 400GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 800GB Bandwidth
    o 768MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 2 IP Address
    Price: $ 41.95/mo

    Linux Silver VPS (Double Resources)
    o 60GB Storage x2 = 120GB Storage
    o 600GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 1200GB Bandwidth
    o 1024MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 2 IP Address
    Price: $ 52.95/mo

    Linux Gold VPS (Double Resources)
    o 80GB Storage x2 = 160GB Storage
    o 800GB Premium Bandwidth x2 = 1600GB Bandwidth
    o 1536MB Guaranteed Ram
    o 5 IP Address
    Price: $ 75.95/mo

    Double Resources are limited, hurry before inventory lasts!

    All VPSES are hosted on our 8 Core 16gb ram servers. We do not OVERSELL!

    As always you can create a custom package which better fits your needs, just email our sales department at sales[at]

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    If u can double the RAM instead of storage & BW then I am interested right away for Gold package.

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    Please contact our sales department.

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