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    * network adapters


    i am managing my network with a linux box (iptables, vlans) + layer2 managed switch instead of layer3 switch.

    On my linux server, a regular onboard network card is working just fine but i am planning to upgrade it to better one.

    What would you recommend me?

    * Intel Pro/1000 PT Gigabit EXPI9404PTL Quad Ethernet
    * RB/4g 4 port 10/100/1000 Mbit PCI Ethernet (Mikrotik)

    or any other?

    I would like to build my own firewall/gateway server instead of paying thousands of dollars to cisco asa, juniper or etc.

    Thank you for posts in advance


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    It's hard to go wrong with the Intel server adapters. One thing I like about them is how Intel publishes very detailed technical specifications for their ethernet chips.
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