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"Finally! An Alternative Method of Generating Ad Revenue From Your Websites Has Been Unleashed And It Is Now Possible To Earn Hundreds of Dollars Per Click Instead of a Few Measly Cents That Don't Even Cover Your Hosting Fee!"

If you are embarrassed by the amount of money you earn from your website ads here is the answer.

Everyone makes it sound so easy don't they? Just build a website and place some ads on it and you will earn a fortune when your ads are clicked. That's the impression you get when you register your AdSense account.
And while it's true that some marketers are making a lot of money from using AdSense for most of us it's a completely different story. By the time Google takes their cut from our earnings the harsh reality is most of us only earn a few cents per click.

If only there was an alternative that could pay us for the results we give our advertisers so we earn the commissions we are due ..

... Well guess what? Now there is an alternative. For months we have been working on an ad system that uses keywords to display relevant ads for Colocation Vendors on your website. But unlike Google you get paid on results, not clicks.

And the result is the chance to earn far greater commissions. Lets say you displayed an ad that earned on average 10 cents per click and the ad was clicked 100 times. This would mean you earn a measly $10 for your efforts, this is probably the results you are used to right now.

Now lets say you use ColocationDeals Ad Rotator and you promoted a Colocation product that resulted in a sale of a $2000 monthly recurring price. You would make a 5% recurring commission of $100 per month for the life of the contract. brokers and agents will actively close the deals, All you have to do is put the ad on your website. Typically Colocation Contracts are on average 3 years. This means instead of making the measly $10 from Google, you would make $100 x 36 (3 years) or $3600!!!

Again lets say you got 100 clicks. At a 3% conversion this would mean on average you get 3 sales as a publisher, and if they were an average of $1000 monthly recurring, you would have received 5% of $3000 new monthly recurring revenue. This equals $150 per month x 36 months = $5400 instead of less than $100 from Google for the same clicks.
Over $5400 From a Site That Used To Earn Less Than $100 Per Month From AdSense!

I think you will agree, you don't get ads to convert like that from pay per click, I mean, how much are YOU earning from your AdSense account right now?
You can even display your other ads alongside ColocationDeals Ad Rotator ads and get the best of both worlds.

The choice is yours! Click Below to see an example Ad from our network.

Can you see how powerful this is?

I'm sure by now you can understand the results that can be achieved by using Colocation Deals Ad Rotator.

It's not rocket science either. Simply choose to promote the most relevant products related to your website content, set the ads and you're done, now all that's left for you to do is watch your commissions skyrocket. It really is that easy.

Here's How Easy Colocation Deals Ad Rotator Is To Use. Login to your Colocation Deals Ad Rotator publisher account control panel and choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, number of ads displayed, width, height, orientation etc. You can also choose the look of your ad by font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles.
Generate your Colocation Deals Ad Rotator code. You will then be presented with the code to paste into your website. That's it, you're done! Now just sit back and watch the monthly recurring revenue come in.

By now I'm sure you have some questions, so here are the most common questions answered.

How does Colocation Deals Ad Rotator work?

ColocationDeals Ad Rotator has been designed to be as simple and versatile as possible so that you get the best from your ads.

  • You control the font, font size and font color of your ads.

  • You control the amount of ads you would like displayed.

  • You control the orientation of your ads (vertical or horizontal).

  • You control the border around your ads, color, style, size or none at all.

  • You control the total width of your ads.

  • You control the length of your ad titles and descriptions.

  • You get paid 5% recurring monthly commission by if you refer somebody to us from the link in your ads and they buy a colocation package.

Click on the Publisher Registration Link on the left side of the site and get signed up today for FREE!

Place an ad on your site, and start making some real money!

** All Colocation Brokerage Deals are subject to closing by our staff. Publisher ID's are tracked, and any new requests are tracked back to the website publisher.