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    148 am I Crazy or they are Helpless


    Recently I made a comment about , that they one of the Most VPS provider with bad Reviews in WHT . I felt maybe was Not right to say that without try them at least . So since they Cheap ithought to give it Shout and see wht People Talking about .
    So signed up , and the VPS was Online in less than Hour , but Couldt use HyeberVm , i tried to speak with live Support , and he/she directed me to open ticket without even asking me wht is the issue . any way they said it was Bandwidth Provider problem .. I have No idea wht that Means . anyway . I tried to install CSF and Found this two Iptabels Modules Missing .

    i Sent ticket ti install them ..

    They Answerd Bac that i;m on buget and there no support for third party software ..
    i sent back said that it is not third party Problem but its You DId not Configuer My VPS right and Now Messing two iptables .

    and The Last Repond was :
    ...................... "So please upgrade your Plan to managed VPS plan.

    So am i Crazy by asking them to fix the iptabels problem or they are helpless , ..

    Sure i will Try my Full Month and Not going to give up easy .. I just want make sure if i wrong or them .. as they follow up pretty Good in WHT.

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    the iptables issue needs to be fixed on the node, you need to contact them again, maybe they misunderstood your ticket
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    PM me your ticket #. You can't install CSF/Iptable modules if it's not on the server, that is something that only support can do. Not the client. - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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    Thank you ... SEnding the PM......

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