We are located at 55 Marietta st., carrier hotel downtown Atlanta.
We have the best data center in the building
Raised floor environment
10 Gb/s ISP links
10 Gb/s internal network
Cisco 65xx all the way from Internet to your cabinet/server (not cheapies Cisco 29xx and 35,26,37xx in between)
Only tier 1 providers
Internap 10 Gx (top of the line) been on our network for more than 1 year, very well tuned and unbelievable optimized network
N+1 AC and UPSes
Multiple Generators
17-th fllor
16-th floor via our partner (DC equipment only for now)

You can see our enterprise hosting, managed hosting, custom hosting at http://www.tulix.com, give us a call 1-800-59-TULIX x.226

To see our specials see http://www.homecom.com, get in touch with is via [email protected] or 1-800-59-TULIX x.207

Our plans:

To compete with low budget hosting companies that are heavily using second tier providers for their networks we are planning to take over 5,000 sq ft with no raised floor (the last on our floor) and put our third ASN 7219 with providers, like WVFiber and others. You can expect probably 50% discounts, up to 75% off the current offerings.

For now take the chance of getting enterprise environment for ALMOST budget prices!

We are also in talks with Internap and Level3 about putting their POP directly in our DC with an alternative path coming directly bypassing 56 Marietta st. MMR. Bandwidth will be available to our customers directly from their network.

Here are the specials that are not listed at http://www.homecom.com:

42U lockable cabinet
20 AMP/110V
100 Mb/s of only Tier 1 optimized network (Dedicated, directly from our Cisco 65xx switches)
24/7 access
32 64 IPs included
Remote hands free during business hours up to 15 minutes
$1,500 (no setup fee, month to month)

TOWER hosting
Mini-tower up to 4u
1Mb/s of only Tier 1 optimizer network

42U lockable cabinet
24/7 access
1u server (PentiumD/Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, 250GB+ HD, 8 IPs, 1Mb/s) is included

See prices for the upgrades at http://www.homecom.com

Check out our other offerings on our websites.