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    Arrow Share Server? - $50 ~30gb space / ~250GB transf.


    I'm currently outgrowing shared hosting, and not quite big enough to justify the cost/amount of bandwidth etc. I get with dedicated servers, and therefore I'm looking for somebody to share with. I'm not 100% certain who I'm looking at going with, but it's not a mission-critical environment so I'm looking at a lot of the $99 offers that are around. The one i'm looking at at the moment offers the following, it isn't likely to be much different than this whoever I go with:

    -Either RedHat 8.0 or FreeBSD 4.6 (I personally prefer FreeBSD, although I am familiar with RedHat)
    - Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz, 512mb RAM
    - 60GB Hard Disk
    - No Cpanel/Plesk (ignoring webmin or whatever) however if it was vital for your needs we could maybe work something out.
    - 10 IP Addresses
    - Any content (legal though )

    So in short, this means that if anybody wants to go along with me on this you can get around 30GB space (ignoring Operating System/Software etc. etc., basically 50% of the free space on it), 5 IPs and 250gb transfer for $50 a month.

    I have the technical knowledge to get it all setup and running, and that's thrown in for 'free' if you like. As I'm using the server, I'll be doing anything within my power to keep it running, so basically you shouldn't have to worry if you need something doing/installing etc.

    I look forward to your responses, and hope this is in the correct place (I searched for similar posts like this in the past and the one's I found were in this forum, so I hope it's right, if not please accept my apologies & feel free to move it )


    Adam Rhodes

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    location? company? bw provider?

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    Originally posted by Profector
    location? company? bw provider?

    As I said, i'm not 100% certain yet, but to be honest I'd be willing to go for any $99ish provider that the other party wanted if they had reason. At the moment I'm looking at the RackShack/UnitedColo type market. I've quoted a UnitedColo machine, as I think it would suit my personal needs, but if the other party wants something different i'd be willing to talk.

    I'm personally located in the UK, but anyone from over here will tell you how expensive our bandwidth is, so I'm just looking at any US providers purely for price really.

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    you have email, aim, or icq? we'll talk..

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    Anybody interested can feel free to email me at

    arhodes 'at' myrealbox 'dot' com

    I would use ICQ, but I'm having a few issues with my Linux client at the moment.

    Thanks for your time,

    Adam Rhodes

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    arhodes i am looking for the same thing
    ,Therefore i think we should get a server and share the costs,anyway i have pmed you,so check your pm.thanks!

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