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    Does synflood increase or decrease server load?

    Very often offlate I have noticed ping timeouts on the server from burstnet. As per the technical crew there, this could be due to syn flood attacks. But I have noticed that when the ping packets are timedout, the server load also falls down. If the server is fighting the flood, should'nt the load go up?

    What could be the reasons for this regular timeouts? Could there be a hardware problem?

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    syn floods stop your network connection , visitors dont get on the web sites - mysql / apache is not serving due to loss of connectivity - loads drops.

    sounds right.

    not a hardware problem ,and you should consider firewalling up against these attacks. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    Aren't burstnet VPS protected against SYN flood via toplayer (or Cisco Guard) ?

    Check your kernel log :

    # dmesg | tail -n 100

    And also :

    # netstat -s
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    dmesg will give you the output. Syn flooding is something which makes the server as a irresponsible idiot with more acks than it acceps

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    Burst net confirmed the problem was caused by a switch. It has been replaced. Thank you all for help.

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    Try to detect the SYN attack by using,

    # netstat -n -p TCP

    Also check the total number of SYN connection by using command,

    # netstat -n -p TCP | grep SYN_RECV | grep :23 | wc -l
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