Did you know all VPS weren't created equally?

Some VPS are provisioned on budget, under-spec server hardware.
Some VPS are provisioned on over sold core nodes.
Some VPS don't guarantee your CPU allocation, they just give you 'fair usage'.

Now the big one...

Almost ALL VPS operate on just ONE physical server. If it goes down, so do all the VPS on it until it is replaced or repaired.

What if you could a VPS operating on high spec Xeon hardware, without ANY overselling and with automatic hardware failover?

Now you can! A Cloud Server from Kualo is a VPS on our enterprise cloud hosting infrastructure. A server from Kualo comes with:

  • High Availability - VPS runs on multiple servers with auto-failover should hardware fail. This means no extended downtimes or sleepless nights due to hardware failure!
  • Massive Scalability - scale a single VPS to 7.6GHz CPU, 15GB RAM, 800GB Disk.
  • Fast Performance - Due to advanced caching algorithms, our Global Volume Store operates 10-15% faster than local physical disks in comparable dedicated servers.
  • Infrastructure as a Service - we can also deploy load balancers, switches, firewalls & more, virtually in the cloud.
  • Full Management Available - manage it yourself, or choose one of our management plans and have our experts take care of it for you.
  • cPanel/WHM Available

PM me or email [email protected], let me know what size server you need, and we'll hook you up with a special discounted WHT ONLY DEAL!!!

Visit www.kualo.com/cloud to watch our introductory video to our cloud hosting services and read more details!

Network Speed Test Files:

10 Meg: http://www.kualo.com/img/10meg.file
100 Meg: http://www.kualo.com/img/100meg.file

Level3, Global Crossing, FPL Fibernet, Bright House Networks.

Data Center Tour:


Please let me know if you have any questions!

Best wishes,

Jo Stonehouse