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    How to determine SEO Goals & Benchmarks?

    I have recently been hired as the in-house SEO for a start-up with a small network of sites. I am in the process of putting together a proposal, along with some market research. My question is how do I go about laying forth the goals of the project. As of now my basic outline includes:

    1) Increasing PR
    2) Increasing Goal Conversions
    3) Optimize Traffic (Increase the number of unique visits, pageviews. Decrease the overall bounce rate, and increase traffic to those specific areas which lead to further content drilldown)
    4) Keyword Ranking (Raise the position of each site on the SERPs for both head and tail keywords)

    What am I missing? Also, is it possible to give specific benchmarks? Some of the sites have analytics data, but as of now I have yet to be given access.

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    OK my order of import starting from most important to least important

    Profit from SEO sales
    SEO Sales
    SEO Traffic - non brand traffic
    - brand traffic
    Google Positions on relevant keywords
    inbounsd Links

    ealry in a camapign you measure the lower end of the list the more time goes on you move up the list.

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    For me, the thing is more clear and simply.

    What I want through SEO is just traffic plus high conversion rate or click rate!

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    1) Increasing PR
    Why u need PR? Traffic is all that matter!

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    SEO's mainly goal is boosted traffic ,plus high click rate!,strong PR is submain.

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    I agree with the conversion goals above: you should link your SEO goals to analytics benchmarks (Google Analytics is good for this.) Look at results based goals such as conversions, indexed pages and traffic, rather than data such at page rank.

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    SEO's main goals are,
    *Increasing in the qualified search engine traffic
    *Increase the click ratios.
    *Online website promotion and exposure to the consumers resources.
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