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    Whmcs monthly license for less


    I want to know that can I get whmcs monthly license for $10 permonth.

    I really need it at this price for now... can someone please offer me at this price.

    Thank you.

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    The official price for a lease license is $15.95 per month. With only a few exceptions WHMCS does not allow WHMCS licenses to be resold. The only way you are likely to receive pricing close to this is by combining it with a Cpanel Reseller account.

    Try to identify a good provider though and depending upon storage and bandwidth included probably expect to pay a combined price of $16.00 + per month. You can only use these licenses with the reseller account provided.

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    thanks for ur suggestion but I really can't go above $10... so please can some1 sponsor $5 fr me...per month

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    Visit so you can get a license for $12.95
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