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    2AM Network Review

    So I've been lurking and posting on these forums long enough that I figure it's time for me to contribute something that might help other users: a quick review of 2AM Networks.

    I have 2 dedicated servers with them and I couldn't be happier. Network uptime is 100% as far as I can see, the servers are delivered within their given timeframes (despite me ordering during a sales rush both times - I'm clever like that ) and with exactly the specifications requested.
    Support is fantastic. I haven't needed it a great deal but all responses have been within 20-30 minutes and the answers are spot on.

    You can see how good the prices are for yourselves in the dedicated offers forum or on their dedicated servers page but I'm pleasantly surprised to find that even the add-ons (IPs, etc) are the same price as more expensive competitors.

    So if anyone is researching dedicated servers I'd recommend taking a look at 2AM Networks

    (I'll report my server IPs to give this review some credibility)
    AdelaideHost - providing shared and VPS hosting.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Follow up the review in future. Also I would like to know how long have you been with them.

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    I, too, have recent experience with 2AM NETWORK and Cameron Coish. Those folks are nothing short of fantastic to deal with.

    The company is very prompt to respond to any type of ticket anytime of day and they're always courteous and helpful.

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    Their pricing certainly does appear tempting and kind of too good to be true. I'm going to wait for a few more reviews before I take the plunge

    Keep us updated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixeldawn View Post
    Their pricing certainly does appear tempting and kind of too good to be true. I'm going to wait for a few more reviews before I take the plunge

    Keep us updated!
    Part of the services they sell, at least the part I have experience with, is them reselling BurstNET's servers.

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    Hello Josh and Richard,

    Thank you for the reviews of your experiences with us so far, and for all your kind words. I am glad to hear you are enjoying our service and support. It's been a pleasure to work with you both.

    We will continue to work hard at meeting and hopefully exceeding the high standards you've set out for us in this review for the benefit of all our clients.

    We do work with various DC's depending on the location, and we have our own equipment co-located in two different facilities as well, hopefully we will be able to do this at all the facilities with work with in the future. We definitely have Richard setup at Burst in the HostNoc DC, I believe that was on his request.

    Thanks Again guys,

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    I was with 2am for almost 2 years and they had the best servers and support that I ever had, but everything changed in the last 5-6 months and here the story begins. My servers was down and no one from their company was not there to restart the machine, downtime's with days, not answered ticket for more than 4-5 days etc... Real hell. So I just want to update this post and ask Cameron why they do not post/reply when people are complain from them? As in these cases:

    and many more, just search the forum. I promise and I will tell the world everything about my experience with 2am so that you can not screw up other people like you screw up me. And they are resellers, so if you want the real thing just get a server from At least you will know where you server is, not as 2am claim that they have "their own" datacenters all over the world.

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    it's poor ...i got same problem as saskaf said.

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    It is a strange situation, as described in many posts here. They seriously hurt a large number of people.

    I was with them some time ago and Cameron Coish seemed to be a normal person... how could he change so suddenly? Maybe he is suffering from a drinking or drug problem?

    One way or another their site is back online and it would appear that they are trying to scam a new group of people.

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