I have started a new company based in UK we currently have servers in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States.

We have been running for Aprox. 20 Days, and have sold 37 Servers. But the problem is that we don't currently have a website. As I am not great at web design I would like to offer to any individual(or Company) over the age of 18 to join me and my team on this venture.

The company name has not been given as we require any applicants to sign a NDA before we release any information.

The requirements or this role are:
- You need to be 18 years of age or over.
- You will need to be able to provide a reference
- PHP and Web Development knowledge is critical
- Experience with Developing Ubersmith

Your more than welcome to join me as a partner or as an contractor (if you are providing a service on the behalf of a company)

Please add me on msn messenger or email me: nick@*******.com

Thanks for reading.
(Please note i will not reply to any questions within this topic - email me should you require further assistance or information.)