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    What you think?

    I originally paid a dedicated server company (DedicatedNOW) $80 to install FFmpeg, MEncoder etc but they couldn't get the tools installed correctly after 2 - 3 weeks of trying and another 1 week after upgrading to a better/new server, which they said should correct the problem with background conversion not working with MEncoder. I was told by the developer of the script that background conversion works with MEncoder fine for other other customers sites so there's no reason why it shouldn't work on my own site. He goes on to say that the company (DedicatedNOW) are either not installing FFmpeg, MEncoder tools correctly or it is some other problem with the server. As the company couldn't get background conversion with MEncoder to work and nearly 5 weeks had passed I thought I would try another company (WiredTree) as I noticed this on their website

    Server Optimization: FFMPEG and related software support FFMPEG, Mencoder, flvtool2, and all related applications.

    So I install the script on WiredTree sever and upload a test video using background conversion with MEncoder and it worked!

    So I was checking through PHP Configuration in WiredTree server and noticed that were using dso instead of suphp (which is what I was using with DedicatedNOW) for the PHP Handler.

    So I changed the PHP Handler setting from dso to suphp in DedicatedNOW server and after manually setting the file permissions for the script, using background conversion with MEncoder now works.

    So on top of the admin time I had already paid for the video tools to be installed by DedicatedNOW it cost me a further $188.10 to find out that for background conversion to work with MEncoder that the PHP Handler needed to be set to dso and NOT suphp.

    I share this info so hopefully someone else doesn't goes through the same thing. Past 4 weeks have been a bit of a nightmare and having to pay $188.10 topped it right off!!

    In two minds whether to stay with DedicatedNOW or move my sites over to WiredTree now. BUT I must say that the uptime/network with DedicatedNOW is excellent!! So far so good anyway *touches wood*

    Seeing a few threads on here about WiredTree having downtime makes me think I should stay with DedicatedNOW and just put it down to being unlucky.. ? I would hate to move over to WiredTree only for my sites to start going down. I had enough of that when using shared-hosting and even semi-dedicated hosting. I upset a lot of members last time.

    I would have thought DedicatedNOW would have had the knowledge/expertise to figure out that for background conversion to working with MEncoder to work that dso needed to be used and not suphp. They must have loads of customers using video sharing scripts on their servers and have come across this type of problem before.

    Also another reason not to move to WiredTree is because after upgrading from ATOM to next server up with DedicatedNOW it has taken ages to reconfigure all my websites/scripts again plus I had to go all through it all again after changing PHP Handler from dso to suphp. To move to WiredTree that would be a 3rd time of reconfiguring my sites, setting up game server etc.

    I paid for server with WiredTree on the 3rd of this month and had my server ready for the 2 days later (5th October) it's now the 8th October and all I have used the server for so far is to just test the script on it.

    Btw I'm not saying WiredTree are not any good as with the little time I have been with them their sales,support and network have all been good. I just don't want all the hassle of changing hosts and reconfiguring all my scripts again etc. Though should DedicatedNOW have known how to fix the problem? If not then fair enough but if they did then maybe I should move my sites over WiredTree in case something similar happens with DedicatedNOW again. I can't afford to spend big amounts of money like especially when I shouldn't have had to in the first place. /Rant-off

    If something similar happens again I will try WiredTree and not be putt of by having reconfigure sites etc.

    I don't suppose WiredTree would give a partial refund?

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    I doubt you'll get a refund, but who knows. Personally, I think you should've used a VPS to test out the script vs. a dedicated, but as you seemed to have been planning to move anyway, it's your own decision/waste of money if you choose to stay with DedicatedNOW.

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    Yep, I should have put in for VPS, but as you say I was planning to move.. it was only when I figured out how to get background conversion working with MEncoder on DedicatedNOW I thought I should stay.

    I have Fully Managed Server with DedicatedNOW and just think they should have known that it was using suphp that was causing background conversion not to work with MEncoder correctly and that in order to get it working only needed to changed PHP Handler from suphp to dso.

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