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    HTACCESS rewrites on windows server?

    I designed a website for a client and his web hosting turned out to actually be on a windows server. I designed the site a while ago assuming it would be Apache so it includes URL rewrites. When I designed it it was hosted on my dedicated server but now needs to be moved to his hosting.

    So the problem is the site doesn't work properly because the rewrites don't function on a windows server. The client's host says that there is no way to do these kinds of rewrites on a windows this true? If there is in fact a solution then is it free?

    Its a lot of work to modify the site to not include these rewrites and would end up with a somewhat less than perfect site.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are modules like mod_rewrite for Windows servers, but the host would have to install one of them. I don't think there's anything to be done from the client side.

    Fortunately there is a simple solution: Move to *nix hosting.

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    For IIS, there is a third party module available with the name ISAPI_Rewrite. More details can be found at However, IIS does not recognise .htaccess files and hence .htaccess cannot be used.
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    Yes I realise the host would have to install them. Is there any reason why the host wouldn't want to install it? I also realise the HTACCESS commands would need to be changed but that would be a lot less work than changing the entire site.

    I'm assuming you can achieve all the same kinds of rewrites like in HTACCESS with ISAPI_Rewrite?

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    Also I notice that software is not free so I guess maybe that's why the host doesn't want to install it..

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    Anyone with any more insight? Any free options for ISAPI_Rewrite?

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