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    Scammed by someone known around here


    I was scammed by DF-Beyond-Devil...

    He stole 220$ from me. He was supposed to ship me a Iphone 3G 8GB but never did.

    After making some reasearch I found out the was known around here ;

    I should have made my reasearch before...

    In any ways, if you can help me, provide me usefull informations, anything, I'm bringing him to court for fraud and I'm making a police complaint in the very next days.

    Thank you very much
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    How did you pay him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by igxhost View Post
    How did you pay him?
    Hopefully PayPal or even credit card and reverse that thing.

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    Personally, I wouldnt have picked up from an online add for an iphone. There are a ton of scams out there. Sorry to hear you got trapped into it. I think the previous responses are on target, - Do a claim through however you made payment. Crecit card, bank or paypal. Do a complaint through them, paypal will easily do a reversal if they find him in default.

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    Honestly going through courts half the time is going to cost your more then the scammer can pay. So hope you paid with something like paypal or credit card so you can get a charge back.

    But good luck with what ever you do
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    I assume that is always possible to call your bank and ask for the chargeback
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