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    Recommendation for clients who want to send to large numbers of recipients (>500)?

    We have been running Ensim for years and just switched to cPanel. While this is not a control panel specific question, since cPanel has rate limiting built-in, I thought some of you might have run into this problem.

    I'm running into an issue with a couple of customers that need to send email to approx 500-750 recipients. Both are non-profit business groups that want to distribute important info to their members on a daily basis. Think local Chamber of Commerce type organizations whose members are used to receiving daily updates via email.

    In this case, both customers have been happily sending out through our servers for years with no restrictions - one via webmail, one via Outlook. We actually moved some of our customers over to Google Apps when we moved to cPanel; Google Apps imposes a limit of 500 messages per day, so neither of these customers are very happy at the moment.

    It seems most hosting providers have a per-hour or per-day limit these days, for obvious reasons.

    I know this has to be a common challenge for some of you, what do you do for customers that don't understand why they can't send to 500 recipients at a time, or more than 200 messages per hour, or whatever limit you've imposed?

    I would consider installing mailing list management software, for example I looked at Mailman but it seems way too complex for our requirements. Is there a better (simpler) solution out there? I need something extremely basic that is easy for non-technical clients to use, and doesn't require a whole lot of time to lock it down so recipients have zero access to the list. To put it in perspective, I'm looking for something much more basic than Mailman or phplist. All I need is a basic admin function, the ability to manage subscribers, rate limiting & the ability to send a plain text message to the list.

    Commercial newsletter services like ConstantContact aren't a great fit either, they're primarily for email marketing, not basic distribution lists. Not to mention our customers don't want to pay more for something they've been able to do as part of their basic hosting service for years.

    I suppose I could setup a mail server for those customers that need higher volume sending capabilities and just run ALL their domain's mail through that server, but I was hoping for something a little more elegant that didn't require us to actually host any incoming mail going forward.

    Any suggestions?



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    Point them in the direction of phplist, its the best option imho.

    You can also disable the cpanel exim rate limting.
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