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    Email my script to test with different mobile devices.


    I need a few people to help me test a new Pipe to Program PHP script I have been working on.

    The script is designed to allow people to upload files directly into there account from a mobile device.

    My problem is every email client likes to do things just a little bit different, especially when it comes to attachments. Some will do things like filename="filename.jpg", filename = filename.jpg or even name=filename.jpg.

    So I need a few people to send a email from some popular phones so I can get the header information for attachments so I can adjust the script for each individual email client.

    So if a few of you could please email test at I don't really need anything special in the email, just a small attachment so I can format the filename and base64 correctly in my script for that device. Please include the device type in the subject so I know what your emailing from. And also please use the standard email clients.

    I need to get a email from the following devices/OS.
    Palm Pre
    Windows mobile
    Symbian S60
    One of those Samsung feature phones (Instinct, Solstice)
    i've got iPhone covered.

    Thank you. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    i will do this for you

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