server offers:

October Specials!

Mention this sale or WHT to our staff to get the special pricing and no setup fee! Contact us today!

Operating Systems: (ALL SAME PRICE!!)
Windows Server 2008 or 2003
Windows 7 VPS (Ask for details, must have OWN LICENSE)
CentOS Linux

Sale Offers:

WHT special: $35/mo - Standard Server
- 4 Virtual CPU*
- 50GB RAID storage (10krpm 1+0 optional)
- 300GB/1mbit monthly transfer is UNMETERED

WHT special: $60/mo - Advanced Server
- 4 Virtual CPUs*
- 75GB RAID storage (10krpm 1+0 optional)
- 300GB/1mbit monthly transfer is UNMETERED
- 1 Snapshot

WHT special: $100/mo - Super Server
- 4 Virtual CPUs*
- 100GB RAID storage (10krpm 1+0 optional)
- 300GB/1mbit monthly transfer is UNMETERED
- 1 Snapshot

Ask about our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for all customers!
Premium bandwidth! 100mbps pipe with 1 milisecond round trip to NYC financial district!

Bandwidth overages are reasonably priced! Class A international speeds!

Virtualization Technology: Hyper-V
* - Linux VPSes only support 1 CPU due to Hyper-V limitations
We never oversell any node, and balance new users to avoid crowded nodes. We move snapshots to different volumes to avoid drive contention for our customers. Hyper-V does not allow overselling hardware.

- Managed Virtual Servers (24x7 Administration)
- Dedicated Virtual Servers
- Dedicated Servers through our partners (business)
- Trading Virtual Servers through our partners (business)
- Custom Software Development, PHP, .NET 3.0 C#, and more through our partners (business and experts)
- Website, Graphics Design, and Corporate Identity, SEO, and more through our partners (business and experts)

About us:

We are a New York City based company specializing in virtual servers, and extending our network of corporate contacts and skilled professionals to help small to medium sized businesses grow. We make an effort to keep you happy, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a pleasant experience when using our service.

Ask about extra hardware resources, and we will be able to provide you with all the resources you need. We offer extra CPUs on certain plans, increased RAM, extra hard drive space, RAID 10 on 10KRPM, backups, snapshots, dedicated CPU options, and more!

All of these options are available to you any time! You can scale your operation to multiple servers on multiple physical machines, and soon in multiple physical locations. Ask about our redundancy and distaster recovery options today!

We would like to help our customers in whichever way possible, and offer custom virtual servers as well as three major packages. If you are interested in a customized solution, you can visit our website and see our options on the features comparison page. Please contact our sales team to establish pricing for your server by e-mailing us at [email protected].